Tour of Asti

A guided tour dedicated to the “one hundred towers” town and its fascinating history.

Gothic churches, baroque residences, towers and the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the largest in Piedmont.



Place of departure:
Piazza Alfieri


Every day by reservation

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2 hours



For a family (2 adults + 1 child): € 59.

From 4 to 7 people: € 20 per person

For 8 people: € 15 per person



Welcome Piemonte
Tel. +39 339 5315104
Tel. +39 348 3938038

Tour of Asti

Choose between the Half Day or the Full Day proposals and create your One Week Experience

A stroll through the alleys, squares and arcades of the historical town, where the beauty of medieval churches and baroque palaces meets the flavours of tradition: typical wines, like the Asti Spumante and the Barbera, cold cuts, cheese, hazelnuts specialties and other local products. During the guided tour, stop at the famous towers, the Collegiate Church of S. Secondo, the old Jewish ghetto and the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the largest in Piedmont.


Valentina: +39 339 5315104
Sara: +39 348 3938038



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