Trekking to taste… from the road of water to Alfieri Hills.


First day. Starting point: CANTARANA. Next stops-over: BRICCO BARRANO Locality (Cantarana) – SERRALUNGA Locality (Cantarana) – ARBOSCHIO Locality (Cantarana) – CANTARANA – FERRERE. Length of route: around 12 km. Duration by foot around 3 hours and half.

Second day. Starting point: FERRERE. Next stops-over: CISTERNA D’ASTI – REGIONE SAN MATTEO Locality (Cisterna d’Asti). Length of route: around 10,5 km. Duration by foot: around 2 hours and half.

Possibility to make the transfer from Ferrere to Cisterna d’Asti and later up to Regione San Matteo locality by bus or by car.

First day. Arrival at the hills of Monferrato in early afternoon. Starting point of walk will be the residential area of Cantarana, next to seat of Pro Loco association. This itinerary will lead You to discover one of the most interesting areas of Triversa Valley, by the element which characterizes it mainly: the water. The name of village, which means “the frog sings” has a Celtic origin and proves the presence of many flows since the remote times. Water influenced all along the usual life, the agricultural work and culture of inhabitants of this area, both in positive and negative ways. From the seat of Pro Loco, You can start in direction of Serralunga locality, running along a small canal realized in the past for bringing water to an ancient mill. From Serralunga, after a short walk on the main road, You take again a secondary street in the direction of Bricco Barrano, encountering some interesting votive chapels and the small church of Saint Pancrazio. In Bricco Barrano the antique village and the church of Saint Donato will wait for You. Going on downhill on a very quiet tiny street, You will arrive to Serralunga, which was in the past a very important village as the seat of powerful Counts of Serralunga. From there You can continue to Arboschio locality and finally, in a short time, to Cantarana.Traditional lunch at local farm holiday for tasting the best wines of this area, as Barbera d’Asti. In the afternoon, taking the road called Strada del Mulino, in an hour and half by walking You will reach the town of Ferrere, where there will be a stop at “Quadro Carni e Salumi” factory, for tasting and buying delicious local sausages and salami. Accommodation at local farm holiday, typical dinner and overnight.

Second day. After breakfast, You can start the walk in the direction of the village of Cisterna d’Asti, placed in the heart of Alfieri Hills, from the name of the powerful family who possessed the feud for many centuries. The town, dominated by the great castle, is reachable in two hours of walk around on paved road; taking the main roads Strada Provinciale 19 and then Strada Provinciale 20, You will arrive in the secondary street called Strada Comunale Pozzo della Valle; from there You can go up to the old town centre of Cisterna. You can’t miss a visit to the Castle, erected as the fortress in the Middle Ages and transformed into a noble residence in the Eighteenth century; the building houses the great Museum of Arts and Crafts of the Past, which represents ancient workshops and tradition of rural world, from the tailor to the nougat producer, from the harness maker to the cooper. Lunch at local farm holiday or restaurant tasting typical Piedmontese dishes. In the afternoon, taking Strada Val Madonna, with a quiet walk You will reach in half an hour “Tenuta La Pergola” winery, placed in San Matteo locality. Visit to the cellars and final wine tasting. Departure to return.

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