Tenuta La Tenaglia – Wine Producer – Serralunga di Crea (AL)

Tenuta La Tenaglia 1Soc. Agr. Tenuta La Tenaglia S.r.l. – Winery 

Address: Santuario di Crea, 5 – 15020 Serralunga di Crea (AL)

Phone: (+39) 0142 940252 – Fax: (+39) 0142 940546

www.latenaglia.com – www.latenaglia.de/eu – info@latenaglia.com

Tenuta La Tenaglia is located in Monferrato area, at 450 meters of altitude, on the line of Shine of Crea Natural Park, since 2003 included in the World Heritage by UNESCO. This farm, founded by Giorgio Tenaglia in the Seventeenth century, includes 30 hectares of vineyards, located in the Provinces of Asti and Alessandria. Since 2001 the winery is property of the German family Ehrmann, which was able to modernize and keep it well attached to this territory, making it one of the most renowned farms in the sector. Some of its strong suits there are different kinds of Barbera wine, both “base” and aged typologies, Piemonte Chardonnay, Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese and some kinds of grappa.

Dorato 1Az. Agricola DORATO Fabio – Goats breeder and Cheese producer 

Cheese production and point of sale. Address: via Unione, 6 –15021 – Fraz. Cardona di Alfiano Natta (AL) – Goats farm: 15020 – Camino (AL)

Phone: (+39) 0141 922385 – Mobile (+39) 340 9281291 – (+39) 348 5837959


In Monferrato Hills area, between Asti and Casale cities, the “Dorato Fabio” Farm produces delicious kinds of cheese, thanks to the careful reserved to animals breeding and handmade method of milk processing. At 500 meters of altitude, on this sand soil, rich in mineral salts and trace elements, important typologies of aromatic and officinal herbs grow; during the year, goats eat them and produce a nutritious and tasty milk. All types of cheese by Dorato Fabio Farm are produced using “raw” milk only, without ferments and chemical preservatives. Among goat milk specialties, there are aged and fresh toma cheese, ricotta cheese and some kinds of goat milk yogurt. 

Ristorante Serra 4Ristorante Serra – Restaurant 

Address: Località Serra, 9 – 15020 Odalengo Piccolo (AL)

Phone and fax:  (+39) 0141 919155

www.ristoranteserra.it – gabry.serra@libero.it

“Serra” Restaurant, surrounded by Monferrato Hills, offers traditional flavors and settings, aiming at high quality products and revival of tastes of the past. Among its specialties, Piemontese Fassone Ox raw meat, peppers with Bagna Cauda souce, agnolotti, the traditional fresh pasta from Monferrato, and braised beef flavored with Barbera wine.

You will also able to taste cheese from the local farm “Dorato Fabio”,  fresh pasta from the pasta factory “La cucina di una volta”, the sweets prepared by “Ceruti Maddonina” Confectionary and typical wines produced by “Tenuta La Tenaglia” winery. 

Pasticceria Ceruti 3Pasticceria “Ceruti Madonnina snc” di Ceruti Andrea & C. – Pastry Workshop and Confectionary 

Address: Fraz. Madonnina,62 – 15020 Serralunga di Crea (AL)

Phone: (+39) 0142 940184

www.pasticceriaceruti.com – info@pasticceriaceruti.com

Since firsts years of the Twentieth century, the best traditional recipes of Piedmontese pastry-making are here handed down from one generation to another, guaranteeing the accurate selection of ingredients and the handmade processing. Among specialties, there are Krumiri biscuits flavored with Grignolino wine, famous because of particular “mustache” shape, an original variation of classic krumiro from Casale; Monferrina Rustica Cake, tasty and friable, and the delicious “Truffles” chocolates. Well-stocked assortment of fine biscuits and pastries, salted biscuits, birthday cakes and a special Grignolino wine mousse (it’s available by advanced booking only). The Confectionary “Ceruti Madonnina” is placed in the village of Serralunga di Crea, in the heart of Monferrato Hills, next to Casale Monferrato.

Laboratorio "La cucina di una volta" 7Laboratorio “La cucina di una volta” – Pasta factory and cooking 

Address: Via Sorina, 37 15020 Murisengo (AL) Mobile: (+39) 340 6196474


In 2007, thanks to the passion of Angela for Piedmontese cooking, the artisan workshop “La Cucina di una Volta” was born, where the careful selection of ingredients is combined with the secrets of past handmade processing, giving life to a large variety of excellent quality products. These recipes include all the courses, from appetizers to desserts, and are the perfect solution in case of great dinners and parties. Among specialties, You’ll find rabbit agnolotti, traditional agnolotti from Monferrato, oak milk ricotta tortelli and potatoes dumplings. In case of fresh pasta, advanced reservation is well-accepted.


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