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It is well – know that Torino, the first Capital of Italy, today as in the past, hides some places full of symbolism between majestic buildings and little known alleys. Here history, legend, tradition, esoterism and mystery mix themselves in a very singular way. This tour starts from the church of Saint Lorenzo, a Baroque masterpiece by Guarini, who filled up with symbolic meanings both this Royal church and the near Chapel of Holy Shroud. The walk goes on with the Cathedral, the temporary “custodian” of Holy Shroud, then Piazzetta Reale, the “white heart” of the city, and Mole Antonelliana, the result of an incredible architectural adventure. A breef overview on the church of Gran Madre, with its so much discussed Holy Grail, and then transfer to Via Accademia delle Scienze to tell the Egyptian beginnings of the city… between science and belief. Crossing Piazza San Carlo, a stop at the church of Saint Cristina, to reveal faith and occult which marked the life of the first Royal Madame. After the propitiatory practice in “Caffè Torino” coffee bar, the itinerary leads visitors to the famous “Door of Devil”, and finishes in Piazza Solferino, with its particular fountain.

Rate for group of minimum 10 people: 12,00 euros per person. Rate for 6 people: 19,00 euros per person. Rate for 4 people: 29,00 euros per person. Rate for 2 people: 45,00 euros per person. Rate for a family: 89,00 euros in all. Rate includes: guided tour service for half a day.

For info and booking: – +39 348 3938038- +39 339 5315104

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