“LE GAMBE SOTTO IL TAVOLO” ( “The legs under the table”) – Gastronomic Club

16“LE GAMBE SOTTO IL TAVOLO” ( “The legs under the table”) – Gastronomic Club

Address: Via Alfieri n.1, 14030 Azzano d’Asti (AT) – ITALY

FOR INFO AND BOOKING: Miss Grazia +39 333 3776721 – Miss Rosa +39 338 5788312 – legambesottoiltavolo@virgilio.it

Facebook: Circolo gastronomico – Le gambe sotto il tavolo

spaghetti pane e conservaRisotto pane burro e acciugaPannacotta al limone in gyazzetto di fragole e ganache al cioccolato bianco

In Azzano, among the hills near Tanaro River and the nice city of Asti, a new restaurant, comfortable and refined, opens the door to the lovers of the real regional and Italian cooking. This new Gastronomic Club, with its fine furniture in Provencal style, proposes the best local products by innovative and captivating recipes without losing the connection with the ancient tradition of Piedmont. In the original versions of Meat menu and Seafood menu each time proposed by the chef, Piedmont meets also the other regions, giving course after course a bouquet of unique flavors, colors and tastes, form the appetizer to the dessert. This Gastronomic Club, thanks to the competence and passion of the staff, guarantees to each guest a special treatment, and makes him feeling at home, with that cordial atmosphere which only a family run restaurant can offer.

Each Friday evening the Club offers a rich fresh fish menu, which will be able to seduce also the most exigent palates… Each Saturday and Sunday a special dinner for the lovers of meat and intense tastes of Monferrato cooking with many tasty meat recipes.


You cannot miss the ORIGINAL REGIONAL THEMATIC DINNERS, where the most representative dishes of each Italian region will be matched with the best wines from Piedmont, each time selected carefully by the staff of the restaurant, depending on the specific occasion. A series of captivating, unusual and ambitious matches… they will be able to surprise and conquest also the most traditionalist gourmets.


Each Sunday, on reservation, the Gaastronomic Club “Le gambe sotto il tavolo” proposes to families a particularly tasty offer, to spend a different afternoon, in very close contact with Nature…

At the price of 99,00 euros per family only (2 adults + 1 child), lunch at the Club, guided tour of “PAVESE LUIGI E FIGLI” wine producer, located in the near village of Montemarzo, and aperitif tasting the wines of this winery.

Pavese family since several generations devotes with passion and diligence to the agricultural sector, dedicating to the grape vine 4 hectares of its hills, worked using the most innovative methods of environmentally friendly agriculture. Among the most important wines of this farm there are Barbera d’Asti and Grignolino d’Asti, both of them prized during several editions of “Douja d’Or”, a famous National Wine Contest. “San Marcel” Grignolino wine, in particular, received great reviews by some famous critics and experts internationally, as Paolo Massobrio, Bruno Gambarotta and Edoardo Raspelli.

Flan di zucchine e manta con fonduta al Raschera DOP, zucchine in insalata e crumble di pane Crema di patate con cozze, olio al peperoncino, mandorle e pane carasau carne albese con salsina ai capperi, carne cruda con nocciole e Insalatina di carciofi, cuori di palma, grana e noci.

To finish in the best way the day, we suggest a walk in the Natural Park of Rocchetta Tanaro, located at 10 km far from Azzano d’Asti.

The Park extends for 120 hectares, gently sloping from the low hills to the Tanaro River, and preserves a various autochthon wood heritage, its great naturalistic importance. In the wood you can find oaks, chestnut trees, elms, maples and cherry trees, together with the ancient and rare Turkey oak and the beech, survived during the last glacial period. More than 100 the typologies of herbs and flowers: from the elegant purple orchid to the delicate lilies of the valley, from the primroses to the ginger lily. The wood is moreover the ideal habitat for many kinds of fauna, as mammals,
amphibious animals and insects. Particularly rich is the fauna of birds, as demonstrated by the presence of 40 species of birds, as the woodpecker, the gold crest, the jay and the tawny owl. The wood alternate sometimes with vineyards and fields, with some ancient farmhouses in the distance.

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