Il Buon Seme, farmhouse, Frazione Sessant, Asti

agriturismo (1)Cascina Valentino
Frazione Sessant 240, Asti
Tel. 333 2233491

“Il Buon Seme” farmhouse was born in 1922 when Vincenzo Burdese, the founder, moved from Roero lands to the province of Asti, in particular in the village of San Damiano. In this town the center of rural activity still remains, whereas in Cascina Valentino, located near to Asti, the collateral activities of agritourism, social farm and educational farm developed   later. The aim of this farm   is not only to give high quality products and services, but also to recreate a rural environment where land and community can live together in the best way, protecting the human being, the natural environment and the values of tradition.

The periodic rest of plots is respected and farmers use only natural fertilizing for production of wheat and the other grain, such as for fruits and vegetables that here are transformed into jams, sauces and many other specialties. Pride of this farm is breeding of valued Piedmontese ox and Capon from San Damiano d’Asti, protagonists of dishes prepared by agritourism which, with its 60 covers, offers the typical Piedmontese cooking all year long. Possibility to organize buffet in the large room inside or the nice spaces outside, and meetings thanks to a specific area provided with projector, and amazing birthday parties with a service of entertainment for children.

The farmhouse has got also two bedrooms, one single and one triple, with a separated common bathroom and wi-fi system.

“Il Buon Seme” farmhouse receives in Cascina Valentino groups of turists and students which want to improve their knowledge about rural world by specific visits and practical activities, organized based on the age of partecipants; you can’t miss the activities dedicated to bread and renewable energy.

The most innovative aspect is the presence of the social farm, where the mother-child Community called Casa Martino, administrated by Albero della Vita Association, is placed. The farmhouse  in fact in collaboration with public and private subjects, organizes working integrations and traineeship for people in difficulty, using the rural environment in all its  therapeutic and rehabilitative potentialities, form the direct contact with Nature and animals to the several practical works connected to rural life. 


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Welcome Piemonte - Valentina Mazzola, guida turistica e giornalista.

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