Bera Azienda Agricola, Neviglie (CN)

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PHONE.: +39 0173/ 630194 – 630500 FAX: +39 0173/ 630956

Bera farm is placed in Neviglie, near to Alba, in the heart of Langhe Hills, land of vineyards, woods and white truffles, and shows a centuries-old wine making tradition. Nowadays the properties of Bera family extend to 30 hectares, 23 of them used to grow vineyards, up to the villages around.In succession of generations, the old knowledge blended with innovation, without forgetting the ground philosophy of company: the respect for environment and territory, the use of traditional methods for growing and wine making, the direct execution and control of each phase in the production, from the works in vineyard to the bottling. The important rewards achieved nationally and internationally during the time prove the high quality of Bera’s products, and at the same time their great variety, thanks to the cultivation of different grape varieties. With Moscato grape in the heart and Nebbiolo one in the mind, Valter Bera and his two sons continue to look to the future, also growing Chardonnay and Pinot Nero, used for the production of a new and intriguing wine, the “Brut Alta Langa – Metodo Classico” (Classic Method)


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