Rivetti Massimo Farm – Farm and Winery, Neive (CN)

“Rivetti Massimo Farm” – Farm and Winery

Address: Via Rivetti n. 22, 12052 Neive (CN)

Phone: (+39) 0173 67505

www.rivettimassimo.it/it  – http://www.rivettimassimo.it/en/



“Porta San Rocco” Organic Wine  Experience – Wine Bar and Shop

Address: Piazzetta Paolina Demaria, n. 2, 12052 Neive (CN)


In Neive, classified as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, among the sweet hills of Barbaresco wine, “Massimo Rivetti” winery for generations devotes itself to the production of very high quality wines, nowadays also certified as organic.

This company was born in 1947 and preserves its activity’s heart in the ancient Cascina Froi farmhouse, already mentioned in the official documents in the Nineteenth century and still surrounded by the best vineyards; some of them are grown with Barbera and Moscato grapes since 75 years.  Thanks to the suitable microclimate, soil and the best exposition to the South of these lines, it is possible to have excellent Nebbiolo grapes from this property, used for the production of the valued Barbaresco docg wine, one of the most important Italian red wines internationally. The estate extends over 25 hectares of vineyards, also spread between the area of Mango, where there is “Cascina Garassino” farmhouse, and the city of Alba, with the lands of Cascina Palazzina farmhouse.

Choosing organic symbolizes a new important value for this historical company, guaranteeing a particular attention not only to the quality of the finished product but also to the environment’s protection and to the consumer’s health. In Rivetti family’s philosophy the “old grape vines” are valorized because from them it is possible to obtain a great quality, sacrificing quantity but preserving the original features of the terroir.

In the vineyards this company does not use chemical herbicides or pesticides, but it seeds a large variety of herbs supporting the life cycle of plants and fertilizing the soil naturally. The harvest is made only by hands, selecting the best brunches to be processed using natural yeasts exclusively and adding a minimum quantity of sulfites in the bottling phase.

Among the best red wines of this winery you can find the ““Barbaresco Froi”, produced according to the tradition with two years of ageing in the big barrel, preserving fruity and refined flavors; the “Barbera d’Alba Superiore Vigna Serraboella”, a good body and longevity wine, made only in the best vintages from the oldest vineyards of the company, 75 years old; among the white wines, you can try the “Langhe Arneis Aurelia”, fresh and fragrant, obtained from a really heroic vineyard, located in considerable slope; the “Moscato d’Asti Maggiorina”,another historical grape, symbol of this territory; the famous “Metodo Classico”, the Sparkling Wine with the second fermentation in bottle and refined for 5 years.

Rivetti family waits for you in Neive, in Cascina Froi, to show you the cellars. After, at the “Porta San Rocco” Wine Bar you can taste the best wines of this territory and also buy the battles. Price: 15,00 euro per person. The price includes: tour of vineyard and cellars; taste of 5 wines and appetizers.

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