“CIABOT Farm” – Black Pig of Parma farming in the wild, Baldicheri d’Asti (AT).

“CIABOT Farm” – Black Pig of Parma farming in the wild, Baldicheri d’Asti (AT).

Address: Via Castellero n.41, 14011 Baldichieri d’Asti (AT)

Phone: Luca: (+39) 339 1949878 – Susanna (+39) 349 0805474


Facebook: Azienda Agricola Ciabot

The Point of Sale of the Farm is open on Tuesday from 15,30 to 19,30 and on Thursday and Saturday from 10,00 to 13,00.

Ten kilometres far from the town of Asti, on the sweet hills of Monferrato, among country Romanesque churches, woods and hazelnut trees, the “Ciabot” Farm receives you with a range of very special and genuine products, the fruit of the passion passing from one generation to another in Robino family for  more than a century. Nowadays the family and the company are represented by mister Luca and his wife Susanna.

This activity is seat in a historical farmhouse, completely restored, where tradition and innovation meet themselves into a philosophy preferring the quality and the seasonality in comparison to the quantity of products, today as in the past.

The jewel in the crown of this farm is the valued “Nero di Parma” pig breeding, the famous “black pig”, in a private wood land of 12.000 m2. This kind of farming guarantees to the animals an outdoor life, in an ideal habitat, respecting their natural cycle of reproduction and nutrition, using arable crops produced by own company exclusively.

From these meats, tasty and genuine, a big variety of salami and sausages are prepared, in order to satisfy also the most exigent gourmets. For example, the “Salame Cotto”, the cooked salami, and the “Cotechino”, traditional specialties of Monferrato; the “Lardo”, the fat perfect to be matched with the local honey; the “Pancetta” , the local bacon, the “Guanciale”, the valued jowl, the “Prosciutto Cotto”, the cooked ham, the “Culatello”,  the appreciated raw ham, and many more, the ideal to be tasted as an appetizer or to complete an aperitif.

And don’t miss a good glass of wine with them!

Since the beginnings, the Ciabot works also in the wine production, cultivating directly their vineyards of Freisa and Barbera vines, to produce the same-name wines; Freisa d’ Asti DOC is fresher and more aromatic, while the Barbera d’ Asti DOCG is fuller and more distinctive. From the blend of these two musts, here the “Barbese” was born, perfect as a daily red wine.

You cannot miss finally the “Falabrac”, a liqueur and aromatized wine made by Feisa grapes, very good as a digestive or to be paired to the dessert.

This farm also includes 250 apple trees growing, divided into different ancient typologies, as the “Marcun”, traditional in the province of Asti, and the “Grigie di Torriana”, form the area of Cuneo; their juice is used to prepare an optimum variety of cider, a rare product not so easy to be found in this territory, with a delicate smell and a lightly alcoholic taste.

In the small workshop inside, the “Marcun” apples and the “Strawberry Grape” are in part transformed into delicious jams, while the tomatoes here cultivated are used to produce tasty sauces.

Robino family is pleasured to receive in its special “Ciabot” gourmets and visitors of all ages, for a tour of the farm with a final tasting.

Rate (for groups of 8 people as minimum): 19,00 euros per person. Rate includes: guided tour of the farm and farm’s products tasting. The tasting includes: “Nero di Parma” salami, fruit jams, Cider, 2 glasses of wine.

Gastronomic Days! (on reservation, for small and big groups)

For those who want to spend a day in the sign of taste, close to Nature, there is a special gastronomic route, where the tour of Ciabot with tasting is matched with a second stop, the near “Il Filo Rosso” Farm, specialized into the production of Saffron.


In the morning, entrance to the “Il Filo Rosso” Farm, located in Villafranca d’Asti. The itinerary starts with an introduction about the saffron, to explain its history, growing and processing methods, and many other curiosities. The visit goes on entering the fields, divided between saffron and wild berries. A short stop at the workshop and final taste of jams and some other saffron products. Lunch time. In the afternoon, transfer to “Ciabot”, for a visit to the farm and a second taste. The tour includes a stop into the wood dedicated to the “Nero di Parma” pigs breeding and, after, a stop in the vineyard. At the end, entrance to the farm to visit the processing rooms and final taste of jams, cider, salami and 2 glasses of wine.

Rate (for groups of 8 people as minimum): 44,00 euros per person. Rate includes: guided tour of the 2 farms and 2 tastings.

It is also possible to match the tour with a lunch at a near restaurant.. with a whole saffron menu!

Appetizers: Parmesan Flan with saffron cream, Fassona raw meat “bitten by knife” with honey and saffron. First Course: Home-made “Tagliatelle” fresh pasta with little squashes and saffron. Dessert: Saffron “Pannacotta”. Digestive: “Safran” (saffron liquor). Water, local wine and coffee included.

Rate (for groups of 6 people as minimum): 89,00 euros per person. Rate includes: guided tour of the 2 farms and 2 tastings; lunch at restaurant with a traditional menu matched with saffron and local wines.

For info and booking:  info@welcomepiemonte.it  – +39 348 3938038 – +39 339 5315104

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