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You can’t say you have been in Langa without visiting its Capital, Alba. Its enchanting old town is dominated by impressive medieval towers and buildings in alternation with arcades of the elegant manor houses. They remind the noble families that guaranteed glory and richness to the city between the Thirteenth and the Fifteenth centuries. Going on the Roman streets of the ancient “Alba Pompeia”, you discover big Gothic and Baroque churches, surrounded by flavors of chocolate and truffles, among luxury shop windows of boutiques and jewelers.

Rate for group of minimum 10 people: 12,00 euros per person. Rate for 6 people: 19,00 euros per person. Rate for 4 people: 29,00 euros per person. Rate for 2 people: 35,00 euros per person. Rate for a family: 69,00 euros in all. Rate includes: guided tour service for half a day.

For info and booking: – +39 348 3938038- +39 339 5315104

Welcome Piemonte - Valentina Mazzola, guida turistica e giornalista.

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