EVERY SATURDAY: DRINKING ASTI! Starting times: 10.00 – 11.30. An experience “to taste” in pairs or with friends, living the town in a new way. A 90 minutes guided walk paying tribute to wines and products of this territory, snooping among historical bars and shops. Wine tasting in two trendy bars, where history and modernity blend together in the glass. Price: 29,00 euro per  personThe quote includes: 1 hour and half guided tour and wine tasting in two bars.

FIRST AND THIRD SUNDAY OF THE MONTH: “ONE CITY, ONE HOUR” Your tour of Asti… in 60 minutes!! Starting times: 10.00 – 11.30. If you have little time but you don’t want to give up visiting the town, two “smart tours” that will make you discover the best in only 60 minutes.. Concentrated history and beauty.. clock proof

FROM MARCH – ASTI TOUR! Sites included (only outside): Vittorio Alfieri square, Collegiate church of Saint Secondo, ex Jewish ghetto, Roma square with Comentina Tower, Vittorio Alfieri Road, Cathedral of Saint Mary. Starting point: Vittorio Alfieri square. Guided tour quote: 8,00 euro per person. 

FROM APRIL – ASTI AND ITS 100 TOWERS… Sites included: Statuto square and Guttuari Tower, Ponte di Lombriasco Tower, Roma square with Comentina Tower; last stop at Troiana Tower, the highest one in the town, going up to the Bell, with a beautiful panorama. (optional entry). Starting point: Statuto square. Guided tour quote: 10,00 euro per person. In addition, Torre Troiana ticket (optional entry). Free for Museums Card owners. Full price: 10,00 euro. Reduction: 8,00 euro. 

SECOND AND FOURTH SUNDAY OF THE MONTH: ASTI MUSEUM EXPERIENCE… ONE CITY, TWO SITES! Starting times: 10.00 – 11.30. The Museum tour custom – made for you! In 90 minutes you will discover with your tour guide 2 city Museums, choosing among the sites of “Asti Musei” circuit. From time to time, 2 Musuems will be choosen among this list.

  • Mazzetti Palace: it was a noble residence in the Eighteenth century, and nowadays houses the Civic Art Gallery collection. During the visit, from the Hall of Honour to the private apartments, secrets and adventures of Mazzetti family will be revealed, between games of power and money.
  • Sant’Anastasio Crypt and Museum: it is a site of particular archaeological and artistic interest and mixes Roman and Medieval architecture in a unique way. You will be surprised discovering the famous Crypt, survived 1000 years of history!
  • Domus:the remains of the Roman Domus, located few steps from the ex Foro square, open a glimpse over the history of Hasta Pompeia and the life of its inhabitants, among wars, trade and richness.
  • Troiana Tower: this tower, the highest one in the town, stands over Asti and its “100 towers”. You will enter and go up to the Bell, at 44 meters in hight, to enjoy a suggestive panorama over the town and the hills around.
  • Alfieri Palace:the birth house of the writer Vittorio Alfieri, who was born in 1749, preserves some original pieces of furniture and manuscripts. Moreover the new multimedia staging makes live again Vittorio’s adventures and his love for travels, women and especially for theatre.
  • San Pietro in Consavia Complex:a place full of charm and mistery, rich in symbolic elements, which has its roots in the First Crusade. The building enlarged during the centuries and was the seat for a long time of the Jerusalem Monks, later become the Knights of Malta.

Guided tour quote: 10,00 euro per person. The quote includes: guided tour of the 2 Museums scheduled. In addition, Museums Ticket (Smart Ticket). Free for Museums Card owners. Full price: 10,00 euro. Reduction: 8,00 euro. 

For more info and booking: info@welcomepiemonte.it – + 39 348 3938038 – +39 339 5315104   

Welcome Piemonte - Valentina Mazzola, guida turistica e giornalista.

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